Our Philosophy


“All things are connected...”

- Chief Seattle, 1854                      


This famous quote serves as the basis for all our design work. Every plant, every stone, every pathway and structure is carefully placed on each site for a reason, and all contribute to the entire created environment. The landscape is meant to be experienced, not just viewed from a distance. Therefore, human interaction with the land is vitally important and an overriding force behind each design.

Our Mission Statement:

Through creative design and responsible construction, we strive to achieve harmony between the natural and the built environment.  This harmony is brought about in the following ways:

             - an awareness of, and reverence for, a project site's history and geography

             - the use of plant and building material native to the project site's region

             - the use of construction methods that minimize impact upon the project site


By using materials native to our region, we create the ultimate "low maintenance" garden: the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and excessive watering is virtually eliminated.  Native plants are not only unique in comparison to the overused exotics in today's landscapes, they are beautiful as well.  And structures built of natural elements truly emerge from the land rather than simply sit upon it.



The inspiration for our designs comes from Nature, of course, but our work is influenced by many design principles and techniques.


We don't do "cookie cutter" landscapes.  To keep our creative juices flowing, we research new (and old) ideas in landscape design. 

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