The Gallagher Pond

As the second phase of another "wedding" project, we built this pond to complement a new deck and hardscape installed by Mosby Building Arts.  In order to bring the pond closer to the patio, we actually tore down part of the new retaining wall.  Once the pond was finished, however, we continued the wall on the other side of the pond, creating the illusion that the pond actually breaks through the wall.  It's a kinda cool effect.


Before Mosby began work: a very boring, useless space with an ugly railroad tie wall

We began with a clean slate, even removing part of the new retaining wall

The completed pond: The Gallaghers fell in love with it right away!

The following spring, as the plants took hold, the pond really began to fit in

Then in early fall, things looked like they'd always been there

From the top of the hill, we had to create an interesting entry view to the pool

Using some "borrowed art," we added a lighthearted touch to the water feature

As the plants matured, the gator secluded itself, waiting for the next unsuspecting blue herron to arrive