The Hutchens Residence

What a cool project this was!  The objective of this project was to create an environment that showcases the natural beauty of the property, and to minimize our impact in doing so.  The house itself  has been built with earth-friendly materials, uses renewable energy sources, and has been tucked very gently into the hill where it sits.  The landscape not only complements the house, but also uses over 90% native plant material and has attracted the attention of the National Wildlife Federation.  The highlight of the landscape is the water feature, with its 100 foot long stream and clear refreshing pond.


The entry to the house crosses a little bridge over the stream near its beginning.

Looking out from the front door, one gets a better view of the upper half of the stream.

The lower half of the stream has been heavily planted with native plant material.

We created a "spring" midway down the hill, feeding the stream.

The stream bounces down the hill with several waterfalls, ending with a larger cascade that fills the pond.

The entire landscape earned recognition from the National Wildlife Federation as a wildlife habitat.