We find our inspiration from a wide variety of sources; not the least of which is nature. 


A Family Business:

Despite what the historians say, the true "world's oldest profession" is gardening: "Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it" (Genesis 2:15). We're following in the steps of our ancestry as stewards of the land.


Standing in the presence of this incredibly moving sculpture carved in a bluff at Luzern, Switzerland leaves an unforgettable impact. We can only hope that our creations with the landscape can leave half as deep an impression as this does...

Music and Politics:

Formerly the frontman for the legendary Australian band Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett is now the newly-appointed Australian Minister of the Envrionment. A staunch environmentalist, he will surely use his position to provide a voice for the land.


Here, Mr. Garrett writes a brief summary of his most recent dissertation in front of the Australian Congress on "The State of the Earth" on a Midnight Oil CD cover.

(OK, he's autographing it - but that sounded good, didn't it?)

Eastern Thought:

Like the yin and the yang, we strive for a balance among all design elements - solid and void, dynamic and still, hardscape and softscape. The ancient Chinese art of placement, or Feng Shui, suggests locations for items in the landscape which create a harmonious balance in the space and appeal to all one's senses.

Pretty far out, huh?

The First American Envrionmentalist:

"to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its Creator."

Chief Seattle may or may not have actually said these words, but if we follow this pattern of logic, we realize that to heal the earth is to bring honor to its Creator.