The Nicholson Residence

We were called in to rid the Nicholsons' existing pond of its "freezing problem."  Now, ponds do naturally freeze in cold weather, which is fine, but this one was more unusual.  The ice covered the pond to a depth of 14 inches, completely shutting down the pond and endangering the lives of the fish.  Here's what we did, and how it turned out:


Step One

First, we drained the pond and placed the fish in a holding tank. We also cleaned the rocks so they could be used again.

Step Two

We then dug the pond a little bit deeper. The pond was built in a raised planter, so it didn't have the natural insulation from the ground that a typical pond has. Notice how hard our supervisor (on the left) is working.

Step Three

We put in a larger pump to increase the flow of water, and re-designed the waterfalls to create a stronger impact on the water surface. These two stragegies will decrease the potential for the surface of the water to freeze.

Step Four

The pond is then filled up and the fish are placed back in their home. We made our final adjustments to the rocks and gravel, then got it back up and running.

Completed Project

The pond provides a dynamic setting in the patio, with the pool in the background.

Ta Da!

One final shot of the completed pond before the Nicholsons man their fish-feeding stations.